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The Burning Question—Why Some People Tolerate Spice Better

For those who enjoy spicy foods, it's clear that only some have the same appreciation for chilli peppers and hot sauces. Some individuals can easily tolerate the spiciness, while others have difficulty with even the slightest hint of spice. 

This difference goes beyond personal taste, as biological, genetic, and cultural factors influence an individual's ability to handle spicy foods. 

This article will delve into the various elements contributing to our capacity to withstand spicy foods and why certain people are more adept at tolerating them than others.

1. Genetics

Our genetic makeup significantly impacts how we perceive and handle spicy foods. The feeling of spiciness is caused by a substance known as capsaicin, which is present in chilli peppers. When capsaicin interacts with our taste buds, it attaches to certain heat-sensitive receptors, known as TRPV1 receptors, which relay the experience of heat to our brain.

Genetic variations in the TRPV1 receptor can influence an individual's sensitivity to capsaicin. Some people have more TRPV1 receptors, making them more sensitive to spicy foods, while others have fewer receptors and can better tolerate the heat. Genetic differences in how our bodies process and break down capsaicin can also affect our tolerance for spicy foods.

2. Exposure and Adaptation

One of the most significant factors in determining a person's tolerance for spicy foods is their level of exposure to capsaicin. Repeated exposure to capsaicin can cause the TRPV1 receptors to become desensitised over time, allowing individuals to tolerate the heat better. 

This is known as 'neuroadaptation' and is a key reason why people from cultures with a long history of consuming spicy foods, such as India, Mexico, and Thailand, often have a higher tolerance for spice.

Regularly consuming spicy foods also helps to increase the production of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers, which can help counteract the heat sensation. This is why many people who enjoy spicy foods describe the experience as a 'pleasant burn,' as the endorphins produced can create a sense of euphoria.

3. Oral Microbiome

The oral microbiome, which comprises the billions of bacteria living in your mouth, can also play a role in determining your tolerance for spicy foods. 

Some research suggests that certain bacteria may help to break down capsaicin, reducing the intensity of the heat experienced. 

This explains why some individuals naturally tolerate spicy foods, even without regular exposure to capsaicin.

4. Personality Traits

Interestingly, some studies have shown a correlation between an individual's tolerance for spicy foods and certain personality traits. People who enjoy the sensation of heat and are more likely to seek out spicy foods may have a higher tolerance for spice, as they are more likely to experience the endorphin rush associated with consuming capsaicin.

One study found that people who scored higher on sensation-seeking and openness to experience were likelier to enjoy and tolerate spicy foods. These individuals may have a higher pain threshold or may even enjoy the challenge of consuming spicy foods, contributing to their ability to tolerate the heat.

5. Social and Cultural Factors

Finally, social and cultural factors can significantly impact an individual's tolerance for spicy foods. 

As mentioned earlier, people from cultures with a long history of consuming spicy foods often have a higher tolerance for spice, as they have been exposed to capsaicin from a young age. 

Social influences, such as family and friends' preferences, can also shape an individual's tolerance for spicy foods. They are more likely to be exposed to and encouraged to try spicy dishes in social settings.


An individual's tolerance for spicy foods is influenced by genetics, exposure to capsaicin, oral microbiome, personality traits, and social and cultural factors. 

Understanding these factors can help explain why some people can handle the heat while others struggle with even the mildest spices. So, the next time you enjoy a spicy meal or watch a friend struggle with the heat, remember there's more to it than simply a matter of taste.

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